Our Story

Our story is not all that different to thousands of families right across Australia. 2 kids, a pet, a mortgage and dual working parents. Family time is limited, and couple time is rare. We’ve followed opportunities, moved away from our extended families and taken on extra work load –all of which adds stressors into modern day family life.

Add to that, the new reality. A reality where the constant demand for instant gratification encompasses every aspect of our current culture and daily lives. Same-day delivery services are gaining momentum, smartphone apps eliminate the need to wait for a cab, a date, or a table at a hot new restaurant. Movies and television shows begin streaming within seconds. But for those parents that want the luxury of an impulsive night out, or need a helping hand to gain more flexibility in their life, forget about it
- the world of child care and babysitting just hasn’t caught up.

It was clear, there was a collective need to alleviate pressure and bring back harmony and ease into daily family life. Parents are limited in their options, for a safe, easy and affordable solution that provides the support they need to bring balance back into their lives. The fact that people are having children is never going to change, so we have a responsibility as a community to bring a support network to families that matches the lifestyle we are leading today -and this is where Mumma Co was born. Life isn’t going to stop, but maybe we can just slow it down for a while.

Together, We've Got This!